Last Call CD of the Month: Band of Other Brothers/City of Cranes/Ear Up Records

Feb 1, 2017

It is a pleasant surprise when a band of musicians who have close to no experience as a working unit creates that "group sound" that is totally in the groove.

And the Band of Other Brothers is one of those bands.

Co-founded by veteran jazz musicians  Jeff Coffin(saxophones, electro-sax, woodwinds) and  Jeff Babko(piano, keyboards), the unit includes guitarist Nir Felder(guitar), Will Lee(bass) and Keith Carlock(drums) with additional musicians: Mike Haynes – trumpet, Roy Agee – trombone (only on Track 3--Miss Fancy Pants).

The recording session for this date took place in Nashville, Tennessee, which is known primarily for its Country music scene. However, in recent years there has been a budding jazz community in Nashville which has made itself known on a series of recordings. "City of Cranes" is another fine addition to these releases.

On its own merit, "City of Cranes" has a rock-solid groove that does not stop or go into neutral. The recording starts with the party like atmosphere on "Bar Fight" and continues through a program of richly satisfying originals, including "Babko" and "Miss Fancy Pants". A highlight of the recording is "The Cortado Ostinado". It's a hypnotic eight-minute piece which is hard to resist. By contrast, the band shifts mood and tempo on the pensive "Down From The Clouds".

The debut of "Band of Other Brothers" is one of those recordings which leaves you wanting more. Hopefully, this band will release another album, because Coffin, Felder and Babko truly shine along with the other members of this impressive new group.