Last Call CD of the Month: Donny McCaslin / Beyond Now/ Motema

Nov 1, 2016

Donny McCaslin's latest release, Beyond Now, is dedicated to and inspired by David Bowie. McCaslin and his band were David Bowie's last band, picked to work with him to record his final release, Blackstar, before the pop legend's passing early this year. Beyond Now presents two Bowie numbers, covers of songs by Deadmau5, MUTEMATH, and the Chainsmokers, plus several originals from McCaslin.

All of these numbers are dazzling flights of electronic jazz at its best.This is a huge leap forward for Donny McCaslin. Totally self-assured, McCaslin, along with his band, takes the listener for a ride into the stratosphere.

"Shake Loose" announces the bold intent of the date which is realized throughout a 9 track feast for the ears. McCaslin and his band present two covers of David Bowie songs, "A Small Plot of Land" and "Warszawa". The McCaslin originals "Shake Loose", "Beyond Now", "FACEPLANT" and "Glory" are also highlights of the project. The saxophonist leads the band in a crackling, celebratory performance with atmospheric moments of calm to release the tension.

Last Call fans will find much to enjoy on this bold effort with Donny McCaslin on tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute and clarinet; Jason Lindner on electric & acoustic pianos and synthesizers;  Tim Lefebvre on bass;  Mark Guiliana on drums; David Binney on vocals & additional synthesizers;  and Jeff Taylor on vocals and Nate Wood on guitar for the stirring rendition of David Bowie's tune "A Plot of Land".

The songs: Shake Loose;  A Small Plot of Land; Beyond Now; Coelacanth; Bright Abyss; FACEPLANT; Warszawa; Glory; Remain.

Donny McCaslin and his band performed a dynamic, exciting concert of music in February 2013 in Omaha. The  saxophonist received a 2004 Grammy® nomination for “Best Jazz Instrumental Solo” for his work with the Maria Schneider Orchestra. He has also worked extensively with trumpeter Dave Douglas and his band. McCaslin has 11 albums to his name, and his most recent projects have been influenced by electronic artists and their modern approaches to combine jazz and electronic instrumentation.

Fans of electric jazz will find much to enjoy on this new release from Donny McCaslin, which is arguably the best of his career to date. 

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