Omaha Children's Museum offering Halloween activities for all ages

Oct 17, 2017

The Omaha Children’s Museum’s not-so-scary haunted house, Cobweb Castle, is open throughout the month of October.

Kim Reiner, Marketing and PR Manager for the museum, says there will be trick or treat nights tonight and Tuesday, October 24th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. where kids can pick up healthy treats and goodies. 

She says kid-favorite experiences like the web climber and Noodle Forest are back. 

New this year, Reiner says there will be a daily program called Cobwebby Feelings.  Reiner explains this activity has children identify feelings and then look through Cobweb Castle for silly ghosts.

"And it’s definitely geared toward younger children so they can experience Halloween without any frights.  There’s nothing there that’s going to jump out at them.  It gives them a sense of feeling brave entering a darkened room.  The atmosphere is kind of spooky but everything is kept very playful.  It’s an open play area with a castle in it.”

Reiner says the Healthy Trick or Treat Nights are included with museum admission.  On Saturday, October 28th, the museum will have an adult night called “Escape from Azkaban.” 

Based on the Harry Potter books, there will be activities like tea leaf reading lessons and a Dementor’s Kiss challenge.

For more information, the website is