"Omaha Gives" Returns Next Wednesday, May 23rd

May 17, 2018

The sixth annual Omaha Gives -- hosted by the Omaha Community Foundation -- takes place for 24 hours next Wednesday, May 23rd.

Last year, people donated over $7.8 million to area nonprofits during Omaha Gives.

Kelly Koepsell, Member Services Director for The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, says most Nebraskans benefit from a nonprofit nearly every day.  He says some examples are the safer roads a non-profit has advocated for, the medical treatment a loved one has received, or even the school your child attends.

Koepsell says the thousand or so nonprofits on the Omaha Gives website, including KIOS, offer something for everyone. 

“Every single person probably has one or two or three things that they are passionate about.  And non-profits are the organizations and the entities that help take those passions and turn them into action. And by donating to a nonprofit that people are excited about and want to get involved with, it will only help further the mission of that nonprofit, and either make the change or eliminate the problem that concerns the people donating to the nonprofit.”

Koepsell says the reason to donate during Omaha Gives rather than another time of year is that your non-profit becomes eligible for a number of incentives and prizes including a matching grant.

Donations as low as $10.00 are accepted, and you can search the Omaha Gives website by an organization’s name or by the cause you want to support. Nonprofits in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties are included.   

For more information, the website is