Sen. Fischer opposed to immigration reform bill in its current form

Jun 12, 2013

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska says she does not support a new immigration reform bill.

Fischer says she voted Tuesday to begin debate on the legislation, but opposes the bill in its current form. Nebraska’s junior U.S. Senator expects a number of amendments to be filed to the legislation.

"To debate and amend legislation is both my right and my responsibility as a United States Senator. I will work with my colleagues to try and pass a conservative, common sense amendment to improve this legislation."

The bill includes $6.5 billion for border security, an application process for citizenship, and requires business owners to verify a person’s legal status. It also establishes criteria to qualify for citizenship.

Fischer says more should be done beyond what’s in the legislation to further secure the borders. Her comments came Wednesday during the Senator’s weekly conference call with Nebraska media.