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NPR's most popular self-help and lifestyle stories of 2023

Clockwise from left: Andrea D'Aquino for NPR; Becky Harlan/NPR; Malaka Gharib/NPR; Becky Harlan/NPR; Connie Hanzhang Jin/NPR; Becky Harlan/NPR

NPR's Life Kit offered a lot of advice this year. We shared guidance on how to protect your ears, how to cope with losing a pet and what to do if you're ... constipated!

Out of the 151 episodes that we published in 2023, there were a handful that really took off with our audience: You loved our story on how to take care of your teeth, a quiz about perfectionism and cooking tips from a meal prep influencer.

Here are our top 10 episodes, ranked by page views on

10. Don't 'get' art? You might be looking at it wrong

/ Malaka Gharib/ NPR
Malaka Gharib/ NPR

Everyone can have a profound connection with a work of art. You just need the right mindset and attitude. Art professionals share tips on how to navigate museums and observe paintings and sculptures. Read the story here.

9. A meal prep influencer shares 6 of his favorite cooking hacks

Compassionate Eye Foundation/Ste / Getty Images
Getty Images

What's for dinner? It's a question that can lead to overspending on delivery, unhealthy meals and dread. FitMenCook founder Kevin Curry shares meal prep techniques that can alleviate stress and save money. Read the story here.

8. Dear Life Kit: My husband is living under COVID lockdown. I'm ready to move on

/ Photograph by Pam Menegakis/Unsplash; Photo illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR
Photograph by Pam Menegakis/Unsplash; Photo illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

Three years into the pandemic, one spouse is ready to lift lockdown. The other? Not so much. Epidemiologist and science communicator Jessica Malaty Rivera shares ideas on finding compromise and managing a risk budget. Read the story here.

7. Don't have the energy to clean today? Just tidy up these 5 things

/ Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR
Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

Therapist and author KC Davis shares a framework to help you get a messy room back to functional quickly. She says that in any space, there are really only five things: trash, dishes, laundry, things that have a place, and things that don't have a place. We help you tackle them, one by one. Read the story here.

6. Coping with the end of a friendship

Ed Bock / Getty Images
Getty Images

Not all friends are meant to last forever. Here are 5 things to remember if you're processing the loss of a friendship — or trying to save one that matters to you. Read the story here.

5. Want a marriage that lasts? 5 questions to ask your partner before getting hitched

Malte Mueller / Getty Images/fStop
Getty Images/fStop

These conversation starters get at the heart of your values, including how you deal with conflict, your attitude toward gender roles and your relationship with money. Read the story here.

4. What kind of perfectionist are you? Take this 7-question quiz to find out

/ Connie Hanzhang Jin/NPR
Connie Hanzhang Jin/NPR

Are you a 'Parisian perfectionist'? How about a 'messy perfectionist'? Psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler believes there are 5 kinds of perfectionists in the world. Find out which one you are. Read the story here.

3. The decluttering philosophy that can help you keep your home organized

/ Andrea D'Aquino for NPR
Andrea D'Aquino for NPR

Got piles of stuff you just can't seem to get rid of? Professional organizer Star Hansen explains how to let go of unnecessary items – and keep your home neat and tidy. Read the story here.

2. 'Do I really need to floss?' and other common questions about dental care

/ Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR
Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

We asked experts to answer five questions about how to properly care for your teeth. Here's what they said about finding a dentist, whitening your teeth at home, and whether daily flossing is necessary. Read the story here.

1. 10 pieces of well-worn life advice you may need to hear right now

We asked experts what life advice they keep on steady rotation. Here are 10 tried-and-true tips from therapists, career coaches and writers. Read the story here.

Our visuals editor is Beck Harlan, and our digital editor is Malaka Gharib.

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Malaka Gharib is the deputy editor and digital strategist on NPR's global health and development team. She covers topics such as the refugee crisis, gender equality and women's health. Her work as part of NPR's reporting teams has been recognized with two Gracie Awards: in 2019 for How To Raise A Human, a series on global parenting, and in 2015 for #15Girls, a series that profiled teen girls around the world.