Police Brutality

A'Jamal Byndon talks with Pine Ridge native Moses Brings Plenty about recent reports of police brutality.

Omaha, NE – Congress is on its Thanksgiving break, but a lot of issues remain on Capitol Hill. There's a farm bill stalled in the Senate, an appropriations bill waiting to be passed, and funding for the Iraq war remains a controversial topic. Second District Congressman Lee Terry says he and his colleagues also need to deal with energy legislation. During a visit to Omaha, Terry talked with Omaha Public Radio's Katie Knapp about the issues and the 2008 election.

Saxophonist's work sets the pace for today's cutting edge jazz

Hear the entire interview (32:20)

Omaha, Nebraska – A tireless artist, educator and bandleader, David Liebman is one of today's leading Jazz artists.

Uta Halee and Cooper Village

Michael Lyon talks with Tracy Wells, director of Donor Relations, and Paul Weber, Education Coordinator, at Uta Halee Girls Village and Cooper Village for Boys.

Omaha, NE – The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce is forecasting continued economic growth in 2008, although it's not expected to match this summer's four percent pace. The Chamber 's 2008 Economic Outlook cites a housing slump, rising energy prices and credit tightening as some economic challenges next year. But Doctor Barry Asmus says those oil prices of $100 a barrel actually have a positive side. He spoke to about 700 business leaders today in Omaha.

Nebraska Senate

A'Jamal Byndon talks with Nebraska State Senator John Synowiecki (District 7).

Thanksgiving program explores Goodman's impact on jazz and popular culture

Omaha, Nebraska – Tune in Thanksgiving night at 8:00 for a one hour radio
documentary on the life and music of Benny Goodman.

Benny Goodman: Flyin' Home will explore Goodman's influence on
jazz and popular culture. From the mid 1930's to the early 40's, Goodman
led bands from big to small, but his influence went far beyond music. He was
the first popular national artist to integrate his musicians on stage and screen.

Creighton's Executive Business Symposium

This program features a lecture given by New York Stock Exchange chairman Marshall Carter in Omaha on November 2nd.


2019 Midwest Flooding Information & Relief Links

National Broadcasters Association

Nebraska Broadcasters Association kicks off drive for flood relief

As Nebraska and Iowa contend with historic flooding, the Nebraska Broadcasters Association is working with member TV and radio stations and the American Red Cross on a one-day fundraising event, “#NebraskaStrong Drive for Flood Relief,” to take place this Friday, March 22 nd . The NBA kicked off the drive today with a $20,000 donation to the American Red Cross. The statewide “#NebraskaStrong Drive for Flood Relief” will involve NBA member TV and radio stations across the state promoting the...

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Supe's On: Interviews with the OPS Superintendent

"Live & Local" Interviews

OPS Student Spotlight:

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