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Exhibit highlights the African-American church experience

An image from Jason Miccolo Johnson's exhibit Soul Sanctuary.

A new exhibit at Omaha’s Loves Jazz and Art Center focuses on the African-American church experience.

The exhibit is called “Soul Sanctuary.” It’s a collection of images by photographer Jason Miccolo Johnson of the black church experience. Tim Clark, executive director of Loves Jazz and Arts Center, says the 50 portraits show the worship, energy, and spirituality present in African-American churches.

Clark says historically black churches have played an important role not just in the community, but in the civil rights movement. He says African-American pastors have shaped the discussion on politics and injustice.

Clark says north Omaha’s church leaders can play an important role in helping to address serious social issues throughout the city.

Soul Sanctuary is on exhibit at Love’s Jazz and Art Center from February 2 to April 28. More information is available at