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Joshua Bell plays with the Omaha Symphony

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Virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell performs with the Omaha Symphony tonight and tomorrow at the Holland Center. 

Bell will be performing Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto,” a piece he says was considered unplayable when it was composed because of its considerable technical challenges.

Though Bell has played the piece more than a thousand times, he says he never tires of it.

“When you have played a piece so many times, you do have to make a conscious effort to keep exploring the text of the work. You have to keep looking for new phrasing. And you do find new things each time. Different collaborators make for different chemistry."

Joshua Bell plays with the Omaha Symphony at 8:00 tonight and tomorrow.  Other pieces on the program include Tchaikovsky’s “Winter Daydreams” and his “Festival Coronation March.”