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Yuletide concert Friday evening in Omaha features Elisabeth Von Trapp

The granddaughter of the famed Maria and Baron Von Trapp, whose story inspired The Sound of Music, performs a Yuletide concert Friday evening at the Holland Center.

Elisabeth von Trapp’s repertoire ranges from Bach to Broadway, with a particular fondness for medieval chant and the occasional oddity like Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic.  She says her broad repertoire isn’t surprising considering that The Trapp Family Singers incorporated all kinds of indigenous music into their performances in different parts of the world. 

“The conductor and arranger they would travel with was the one that would set some of these folk songs to four-part harmony that they would sing.  So they had a very beautiful sound that was their unique sound but they would incorporate these beautiful folk songs and people were just amazed at how beautiful their own songs sounded when my relatives would sing them.”

The Sounds of Christmas starring Elisabeth von Trapp and the Carolian Brass takes place Friday at 8:00 pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center.

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