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Joslyn Talk To Explore Author's Journey from Being Anti-Gun to Hunting Her Own Food


Freelance journalist Lily Raff McCaulou, author of Call of the Mild: Learning to Hunt My Own Dinner, will speak at the Joslyn Art Museum on April 7th as part of the current exhibition Wild Spaces, Open Seasons: Hunting and Fishing in American Art.

In her memoir, McCaulou talks about her transition from being an East Coast environmentalist who feared guns to becoming a hunter herself after moving from New York City to Bend, Oregon for a newspaper position.

She says one of her goals when she speaks is to try to “bridge the divide,” that seems to exist between urban and rural Americans and hunters and non-hunters, which she says hunting can often “cut right though.”

“And I think oftentimes people who don’t hunt or don’t think that they approve of hunting just don’t understand it. And I think there are a lot of different ways that we can talk about hunting, talk about land use, talk about wildlife management, that can really draw people together or at least remove some of the most divisive aspects of those topics.”

McCaulou says she looks forward to seeing what aspects of hunting are explored in the Wild Spaces, Open Seasons exhibit and to talking about various aspects of hunting today that are worthy of similar exploration.

This Call of the Mild public lecture is at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 7th, with a book signing and reception to follow.  Reservations are required.

More information is available at, once you’re there, click on Call of the Mild.