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Rural Small Businesses Remain Concerned about Finance, Training and Business Planning

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Taking on more debt and raising capital are two of the biggest concerns for rural small businesses, according to a new survey.

The Center for Rural Affairs recently released its 2012 Small Business Needs Assessment.  Dena Beck, a REAP Loan Specialist, says the assessment is based on a sample of 489 individuals representing small and aspiring businesses, lenders, and service providers. 

Beck says the survey also indicated participants showed an increased interest in business accession since the last survey in 2010.

"Especially those with gross revenue greater than $500,000 a year.  They want to know about business accession, how to transfer their business to the next owner.  So we as resource providers and people working with businesses really need to pay attention to that and give them the resources that they need.”

To view the results of the Center for Rural Affairs’ Small Business Needs Assessment, click here.