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Downtown Omaha Wayfinding Project Unveiled

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New signage in and around downtown Omaha will help guide both out of town and in town visitors.

The Omaha DID along with Mayor Suttle and Downtown Omaha, Inc. have worked together to obtain a series of 88 signs to direct people to and across downtown Omaha. 

It’s called the Downtown Omaha Wayfinding Project.  Joe Gudenrath, Executive Director of the Omaha DID, says there are 44 vehicular signs and 44 pedestrian signs. 

He says the vehicular signs are larger and more visible from the roadway while the pedestrian signs are smaller and place on the sidewalks, in view of pedestrian traffic.

"And to try and make that experience as welcoming, friendly and enjoyable as possible is what the Downtown Improvement District is all about.  And we feel this wayfinding system will help improve the visitors experience as well as the experience of our locals who come downtown and overall will keep moving downtown forward.”

The Downtown Omaha Wayfinding Project helps visitors navigate their way around downtown while also providing suggestions for other places visitors might like to go.