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Friday lecture focuses on role of millennial generation in shaping the economy

A lecture Friday in Omaha focuses on the role millennials have in shaping today’s economy and social issues.

Millennials are defined as the generation born after 1980 and brought up in an age of technology and mass media. Author David Burstein says that generation is having a significant impact not just in the voting booth, but also in the business world.

"We’re seeing young people focusing their energy on starting businesses and organizations that can help create on the kind of issues like education, the environment, energy, that people hope our political process will address."

Burstein says millennials are less likely to own a car or a home, be married, or have children. He argues that’ll bring about changes in the structure of the economy.

Friday’s lecture focuses on how millennials are changing the higher education system. Burstein will also speak Friday afternoon at KANEKO about millennials and the workforce.