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Do Space, OPS workshops focus on responsible digital citizenship

A series of workshops this month in Omaha look to educate parents and teens on responsible use of social media and smart devices.

Do Space and the Omaha Public Schools’ Common Sense Media program are holding the workshops, focused on “Parenting in the Digital Age.” Each Saturday, a certain topic will be discussed, starting with digital citizenship. That’ll be followed by sessions on selfie culture, cyberbullying, and screen time.

Jeremy Nielson, Regional Manager of OPS Common Sense Media, says they want parents and teens to easily be able to identify and stand up against cyberbullying.

"And that really means when it comes to online harassment and cyberbullying, that students are being upstanding rather than bystanding. And for parents, how to notice those things, to closely monitor behavior and emotions when their children are on and off line. That’s really key."

The workshops will also focus on online privacy, creating a positive digital footprint, and how parents can set ground rules for screen time.

More information on the Parenting in the Digital Age workshops is available at