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Do Space offers Cyber Seniors on Wednesdays

Cyber Seniors is one of the original programs Do Space offered when it opened in November 2015.
The original idea had teens and college students assisting seniors with technology. 

Jessica Johnson, Director of Community Learning at Do Space, says staff quickly discovered that seniors learned new technology quicker when they were taught by other seniors. 

Johnson says after the first few months of the program, the session was broken down into four broad categories based on the most common questions: general mobile devices, general questions, Mac computers and Windows computers.

"We want to have hands off instruction and just kind of talk you through stuff because we feel it’s really important to the process of becoming more tech literate that you do it yourself.  We’ve done everything to make it a casual and friendly work environment.  You can bring your specific questions because this isn’t a classroom setting.  Any given time it’s probably half newcomers and half people that have come for a couple weeks at a time and then move on.”

Cyber Seniors takes place every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon.  More information is available at