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One year later, a look back at the Arab Spring

A day-long workshop Sunday at UNO focuses on events in the Middle East in the year since the so-called Arab Spring.

Arab Spring refers to the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other Middle East nations. It led to the overthrow of longtime dictators, and transitions to new governments. Workshops at Sunday’s conference will focus on Israel and Palestine, Iran, North Africa, and Egypt.

Moshe Gershovich, history professor at UNO and director of the Middle East Project Fund, says the future of countries remain uncertain. He says Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, and Jordan all are in a period of uncertainty.

Gershovich says each country in the Middle East faces its own unique set of challenges.

The Arab Spring Workshop begins at 10 am Sunday at UNO’s College of Public Affairs and Community Service. More information is available at