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Zach Wahls to Speak Tonight

Author Zach Wahls, LGBT rights advocate, will speak at a Council Bluffs Town Hall Meeting tonight.

Wahls is partnering with One Iowa, the state’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group, to talk about Why Marriage Matters.  Wahls’ appearance tonight kicks off a statewide tour. 

He says the tour will travel the state and have conversation with Iowans about respecting the rights of all.  Being the son of two lesbian mothers, Wahls says it’s important to have a conversation about what marriage means and why it’s important to families like his.

"In terms of recognition, nothing says family like marriage.  I know for me and my family, having that validation, not necessarily from the government, but from our community, our friends and other family members.  It really means something powerful to a lot of people and that’s why this is so important.  But on the more practical level, there’s also the legal and civil implications as well.”

The Why Marriage Matters Town Hall discussion takes place tonight at 7:00 in the Council Bluffs Public Library, at 400 Willow Avenue.  There is no charge to attend. 

For more information on Wahls’ tour, click here