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Nebraska Pedestrian Fatalities at Highest Level in 12 Years

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Officials are concerned with an increase in pedestrian deaths across the state this year.

Rose White, Public Affairs Director for AAA Nebraska, says there have been 14 pedestrian fatalities this year, up 250% from a year ago. 

AAA Nebraska is urging motorists to be on a special lookout for pedestrians using the roadways, and encourages pedestrians to use caution when walking or riding along roadways.

Another recommendation is to avoid using electronic devices, because those can take attention away from the roadway.  White says nighttime presents its own set of risks.

"It’s always advisable to wear bright colored clothing.  And always be extra cautious when walking if the sun is rising or setting behind you or in front of you because glaring sunlight may prevent an approaching driver from seeing you.  And if you have been consuming alcohol, call a cab or ask a friend to take you home.  A few of the pedestrians that were killed this year were under the influence of alcohol.”

White says motorists should always adhere to posted speed limits in neighborhoods, especially when children are present.

She says three of the fatalities reported this year were children under the age of 2.