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inCOMMON ready to open Park Avenue Commons in Omaha

After ten months of construction, inCOMMON Community Developmentopens its Park Avenue Commons on Saturday.

The idea for the Park Avenue Commons grew out of a community listening project three years ago. inCOMMON executive director Christian Gray says the Park Avenue Commons is a community engagement center that’ll offer three types of services. One is emergency and preventive services.

"Second is development and empowerment programming. This is for as we identify the gaps in people’s success or preventing people from being successful in the community, filling in those gaps. So that could look like GED, ESL, any other type of programming that would benefit someone’s success. And then third is community building, which is our bread and butter, how do we create social capital in this neighborhood so people know each other, are working together, are collaborating together toward the good of the community."

Social media campaigns helped inCOMMON raise the funds needed for Park Avenue Commons.

inCOMMON will hold an open house Saturday from 11 to 2 at the center. It’s located at 1340 Park Avenue. Park Avenue Commons will open to the public on Monday.