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At Do Space, MCC sees opportunities to experiment with learning

Omaha’s digital library is open to the public, and an important part of it will be space for classes.

Do Space opened Saturday at 72nd and Dodge Streets in Omaha. At the digital library, anyone with a membership can access 3D design and printing technology, a computer lab, and interactive learning spaces for children and teenagers.

Metropolitan Community College plans to use the second floor of Do Space for hands-on classes and workshops. MCC president Randy Schmailzl says it’s an opportunity for the college to experiment with learning in a different setting.

"What we develop here we'll take back out on campus. And what we look at here in terms of maker space, meaning what you do to tear things apart and look inside of them, we'll be bringing that back to campus. So ultimately, we hope this provides our college an opportunity to spread new programs and new ways of doing things across the four counties we serve."

The second floor space is open-concept. One area has a whiteboard, where MCC officials asked the public to write suggestions for classes and programs. On Saturday, the MCC spaces were set up for demonstrations on building a bicycle, machine technology, woodworking, and activities for children.

MCC’s space will open in January.

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