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India Association of Nebraska reaching out after deadly flooding

The India Association of Nebraska is reaching out after flooding in India killed more than 300 people.

India’s southeastern state of Tamil Nadu saw its heaviest rainfall last month in more than a century. In the city of Chennai, more than 40 inches of rain fell in November, and a foot of rain fell on December first alone.

Harish Rajakumar is a volunteer with the India Association of Nebraska, and from the city of Chennai. He says its infrastructure was devastated by the flooding.

"The floods caused disruption in transportation, communication, and electricity. So the city is kind of stranded right now and the population of about four million people and another three million living in the suburbs are stranded and isolated from the rest of the world. Many offices, schools, businesses, they’ve all been closed."

Rajakumar says the airport in Chennai has been closed because of the flooding, and that’s hampering relief efforts.

The India Association of Nebraska is hosting a luncheon Saturday at the Hindu Temple Social Hall to support the Chennai relief efforts. More information is available at