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Nebraska 5th Strictest State on DUI

According to a recent report released by WalletHub, Nebraska is the 5th strictest state on DUI offenses in the nation.

Jill Gonzales, Analyst for WalletHub, says the end of summer usually means an uptick in DUI’s so WalletHub wanted to see which states were worse or better at dealing with these offenses. 

She says their report looked at several factors including minimum jail time after first and second convictions, when a DUI becomes an automatic felony and how long it is on your record. 

Gonzales says the report also looked at minimum fines for first and second convictions as well as what preventative measures states have in place.

"When it comes to minimum jail time. After the first conviction, someone would get seven days minimum.  After the second, it could bump up to 30 days, both very strong there.  And a DUI factors into future penalties for 15 years.  That is one of the maximum timeframes that we have seen.  Usually, it’s anywhere from seven to 10 years, so 15 years is very long here.”

Gonzales says there’s also an administrative license suspension in place after your first conviction in Nebraska.  The suspension lasts 90 days.

For more information on the DUI Penalties by State report, the website is