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Options identified for West Broadway Corridor in Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs officials say several options are being explored as part of the West Broadway Corridor Plan.

A public meeting is set to present design concepts and alternatives. Urban Design Associates is working with the city of Council Bluffs on the plan. Public meetings last fall helped identify the strengths and weaknesses of the West Broadway Corridor.

Council Bluffs Community Development Director Don Gross says traffic is among the issues that needs to be addressed.

"West Broadway is a five-lane road, and if we reconstructed it, what should it look like, and how should we landscape it, what are the street amenities, and so we’ll have some images of that. We’ll ask people what they think about making Avenue A a two-way street as opposed to a one-way street. We have an unimproved street called 1st Avenue which used to be occupied by the railroad, what do we do there?"

Gross says the alternatives for the West Broadway Corridor plan also look at apartment and commercial space. He says public meetings last fall identified two areas that need improvement.

"And those are directly north of the HyVee complex and actually east of Walgreens, between 24th and 25th, A to Broadway. And then that immediate area as you’re coming in to the community at the intersection of 35th and Broadway."

The public meeting is set for 6 pm Thursday at Community Hall. At that meeting, the public can provide feedback on design ideas.