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Rep. Ashford opposed to nuclear agreement with Iran

Nebraska’s Second District Congressman says he’ll vote against a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Lawmakers are debating the negotiated agreement this week. Democratic Congressman Brad Ashford says he approves of the process that led to a negotiated settlement, but doesn’t think it goes far enough.


"What’s not there at all is a more comprehensive deal on what the Iranians can and can’t do conventionally, and what those threats really are, their use of funds, their purchasing of weapons systems that may or may not come under the deal. And then just this new information we received about the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and its inspection protocol."

Ashford says the U.S. needs to be clear about what could happen if Iran violates the terms of the agreement.

He says he’s concerned that the U.S. will have two options if that happens: military intervention, or leaving the Middle East completely. Ashford calls both of those options extreme.


The House is scheduled to vote Thursday on the agreement.