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Polling place changes in Douglas County

A little over 56,000 voters will have to go to a new polling place starting with the 2016 Statewide Presidential Primary Election on May 10th.

Brian Kruse, Douglas County Election Commissioner, explains the locations were changed mostly because of population growth and the aggressive annexation in western Douglas county. 

He says most of the voters affected by the change live west of 120th Street. 

Kruse says the Election Commission has implemented two improvements to make the voting process easier.

"We have a new counting machine in the office that will count folded ballots.  So we are now able to fold the ballots and send them to the voters.  But the really great thing for the voters in Douglas County is they can put that ballot back in a return enveloped and return it to us with just first class postage.” 

Kruse says in the past, it cost $1.19 to return a ballot to the Election Commission. 

He says the Election Commission has added four additional drop boxes for early ballots, offering voters a total of nine locations where they can drop their ballots.  Kruse says ballots dropped in the boxes do not require postage.