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League of Women Voters offers to assist voters


The League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha produces a non-partisan voters’ guide meant to inform people about the various candidates that are running for office.

Member Kathy Dewell says the guide offers a general list of questions asked of each candidate as well as their answers. 

The guide is available online at  Dewell says though voters often hear a lot about the national candidates in advance of an election, many times they don’t hear much about the local races.

"You don’t know who is running for OPPD, that type of thing and you don’t know their positions on things.  I honestly feel like the voters’ guide helps you make a more informed decision on those offices.  And those are ones people don’t know a lot about and do impact our lives quite a bit so it’s very important to go out and vote for those offices also…”

Dewell says when voters go to, they will input their address and the website will then bring up a list of elections and candidates tailored to their address. 

She says it will only show candidates that will be on their ballot. 

Voters can also select the candidates they want to vote for, print that list and then take it with them to the voting booth.