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UNMC students, faculty get up close with new medical technology

3D and virtual reality technology could be part of future training at UNMC.

This week is Innovation and Research Week at UNMC. An open house on Tuesday featured some new medical technology, including virtual reality and 3D diagnostic simulators, a trauma patient simulator, and an interactive display wall. It’s part of the iEXCEL project.

UNMC Chancellor Dr. Jeffrey Gold says the technology is important to training future medical professionals.

"The iEXCEL project is focused on experiential learning, giving young women and young men who are going to be our doctors, pharmacists, therapists, dentists of tomorrow hands-on experience so they can provide higher-quality, more humanistic care and be more proficient at what they do."

Dr. Gold says some of the technology featured at Tuesday’s expo is already being used at UNMC. Some of it is still in the design phase.

The iEXCEL project will be part of a $25 million Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning at UNMC. Construction on that center could begin in early 2017.