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UNMC launches online toolkit for volunteer preceptors


Earlier this month, UNMC released a new online toolkit that’s meant to make mentoring easier for providers.

Dr. Geoffrey Talmon, director of the inter-professional academy of educators for UNMC, says every year, health providers in 80 rural Nebraska cities mentor UNMC students. 

They’re called preceptors and the work they do with students is all done on a volunteer basis. 

Talmon says many times these preceptors haven’t had primary education in teaching methodology. 

He says they don’t know how to do assessments or evaluations or how to deal with problem or struggling students.  Talmon says that’s where the toolkit comes into play.

"The College of Medicine Alumni Association actually tasked the inter-professional academy of educators to come up with an online toolkit that could be in demand that preceptors could go to if they wanted a quick refresher on something, if they wanted to watch a two minute video or a get a high yield article or cheat sheet or something like that, to give them what they need in the moment.  So that’s exactly what the toolkit was designed to do.”

Dr. Talmon says UNMC is always looking for more preceptors since there’s a big need to place students across Nebraska for their clinical experience.

More information is available online at