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Mode Shift Omaha Launches Membership Campaign


Last week, Mode Shift Omaha kicked off its first ever membership campaign.

Angie Eikenberry, chair of the Mode Shift Omaha Board of Directors, says, the organization is focused on advocating for safe transportation options for everyone. 

She says ultimately the group wants people to have the option to safely and efficiently walk, bike or use public transit to get to where they need to go. 

Membership levels and associated benefits vary but Eikenberry says one of the main reasons Mode Shift Omaha is offering memberships is to be able to draw on those individuals who sign up.  

She says they want to show the city they have a large group of residents who are interested in making Omaha more accessible for everyone.

"Many people don’t drive, either because they can’t for various reasons or they don’t want to, but they should be able to get around to where they need to go without having to be forced to drive a car.  Or not being able to get around at all because there’s no one to drive them.  So we are trying to shift your thinking around how we get around.”

Since its inception in May 2011, Mode Shift Omaha has launched a number of projects including a sidewalk snow removal campaign. 

Eikenberry says they have also partnered with other organizations for programs like Midtown on the Move, which encourages people to switch one trip a week from driving to an alternate mode of transport.

More information on memberships is available at