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Time to Clean Up Your On-line Presence?


With spring finally here, a lot of people have cleaning in mind. 

Jon Larsen, Systems Engineer at the AIM Institute, says it is a good time to consider cleaning up your on-line presence as well.  Larsen says a good place to start might be to delete inactive on-line accounts.

“You know everybody has accounts, and they try out new things all the times on their phones and their devices.  But sometimes they just stop using them. And they think, okay, we’re going to delete the app, but they never delete the account associated with the app. So sometimes they sit out there for a long time, and they might have information in them that you are not using and maybe you don’t want other people to have.” 

Another suggestion Larsen has is to use your credit card online only at the time of purchase rather than having it saved on your device.  And if you’re concerned about your card information being stolen if a company is hacked, he recommends contactless payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. He says they use a pseudo-number rather than your actual credit card number.

In the 2016 Internet Crime Report on, Nebraska ranked 42nd nationwide for the number of reports of internet crime -- with 1,028 cases and losses totaling nearly $4.3 million.