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Creighton educator offers financial tips for incoming freshmen

A recent Financial Literacy survey of 1,000 Creighton undergraduate students, indicates over half don’t believe their financial health is in good shape. 

Because it’s many students’ first time living on their own, managing their money can be tricky.

Creighton’s Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Dean Obenauer, says creating a budget and good money management habits can help students avoid overloading themselves with debt.

"Plastic is really the way we spend our money.  And it’s important to understand that by using a credit card that you don’t have extra income when you’re using that credit card.  You have to have a way to pay that back so it all goes back to that budget which is really the foundation of all finances, I think.”

Obenauer says students may often get into trouble because they don’t want to miss out on any fun and sometimes it’s easier to whip out the debit or credit card to keep the fun going. 

But, he says one way to avoid that pitfall is to eat off their meal plan first (if they have one) and then go out. 

Obenauer has a blog full of financial information at