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Can't Afford a Tax-Time Accountant? EITC Coalition Can Help, Brad Ekwerekwu Chats "Live & Local"

Filing income taxes can be overwhelming, and not everyone can afford to pay for expert advice to ensure they’re filing accurately and taking full advantage of available tax refunds.  To assist these individuals, the Omaha Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition – a program funded in part by United Way of the Midlands – will oversee five free tax preparation sites in the metro area.

Dr. Brad Ekwerekwu stops by the KIOS-FM studios to chat with Mike Hogan about the type of help, the reasons folks should seek help, and the financial health assistance his organization provides.

In 2017, the EITC alone put approximately $305,000,000 back into the hands of Nebraska residents. 

More information can be found at or by going to the Facebook site -