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Kaneko Previews "Re•Purpose"- Full Opening on June 11th, Exec Dir Stephan Grot Discusses on KIOS-FM


Be among the first to see Re•Purpose and get a chance to meet contributing artists.  Re•Purpose is ultimately an examination of human ingenuity, as the means and methods of circular growth unattached inspires purposeful introspection and conscious reinvention.

The Re•Purpose season will feature works by local and internationally recognized artists who incorporate recycled or otherwise reinvented materials.  From plastic bottles to keyboards, these artists have been inspired by the idea of revitalization, industrialization, and the meaning we place on items––both in art and in our everyday lives.  Re•Purpose will explore how the lives of individuals and communities can be re•purposed by showcasing and collaborating with partners who are striving to make Omaha a more unified and sustainable city.

Executive Director of Kaneko, Stephan Grot, chats with Mike Hogan during a special early edition of "Live & Local" about this new exhibition, the mission of Kaneko, and what one can expect when enjoying an exhibition at Kaneko.  This event is free.

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