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Emergency Grants to Local Artists Now Open, Patrick Mainelli of The Union Explains on KIOS-FM

The Union for Contemporary Art's current round of Populus Fund grants are open.. 

Like last year during the initial Populus Fund cycle, many artists are still in need of critical financial support due to COVID, The Union has designated the available funds as unrestricted emergency relief for local working artists.  Funds can be used to support vital needs such as medical bills, rent, debts, and food. 

Patrick Mainelli, Communications Director for The Union for Contemporary Art, explains to Mike Hogan how the Populus Fund will award seventy-five $1,000 grants using a weighted lottery system for a total of $75,000 awarded to artists by the end of the year.

Like last years' cycle they will prioritize BIPOC applicants during this round of funding.  The goal is to give at least 55% of the awards to BIPOC artists.  Artists can learn more and apply at:

Deadlines for participation are as follows:

CYCLE 2: 7/9 deadline, 11:59p deadline

CYCLE 3: 8/1 deadline, 11:59p deadline

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