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Vesper Concerts Brings "The Theodicy Jazz Collective" With a Surprise-Kristi Treu Reveals on KIOS

The Theodicy Jazz Collective, a liturgical jazz band, is the next guest on the Vesper Concert Series.  The instrumentalists come from all over the U. S. and the vocalist, Anne Phelps, is a Hastings College grad and Nebraska native.  Vesper Concerts is also bringing in the Hastings College Choir and Resound Choral Ensemble (from in-house at Presbyterian Church of the Cross) to perform Theodicy’s Canterbury Jazz Mass on Saturday night, October 9th.

Kristi Treu, Executive Director Vesper Concerts, joined Mike Hogan on the “Live & Local” feature to tell the listeners of KIOS-FM about this rare opportunity to hear this amazing music, how Vesper Concerts has adapted to the new paradigms brought about by recent events, and the special extra performance The Theodicy Jazz Collective is giving in Omaha.

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