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AIM Awards Celebrate Inclusion, Innovation, and Tech - Biz Dev Dir Tony Veland Explains on KIOS-FM

About 1,200 tech jobs are open in Omaha today, highlighting why a shortage of tech workers is one of the biggest challenges facing employers.  Nearly every job today requires some level of technical skill.  Those skills can be acquired at the AIM Institute, and for some people, at low to no cost. 

The AIM Institute, a nonprofit that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion through outstanding tech education and training programs, will celebrate the leaders, educators, students and organizations who are working hard to build a stronger tech community in the Silicon Prairie at its annual AIM Tech Awards on Nov. 11 at the Omaha Design Center.

Tony Veland, Business Development Director with AIM Institute, (also two-time National Champion Husker football player and Super Bowl winner) talks about the mission of the organization, its dedication to improving the ability of Nebraskans to take advantage of all the open opportunities, and why he continues to receive joy helping people achieve their best life possible.

More information about AIM and the Tech Awards event can be found at

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