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“Vision Beyond Sight 2021” Funds Programs for the Visually Impaired, Paulette Monthei Explains


Outlook Enrichment empowers people living with vision loss with the skills and tools to achieve their goals.  There are a variety of ways they do this such as adaptive technology training that helps anyone who is blind or visually impaired learn how to use a computer, navigate a mobile device, try on digital eyewear and gain independence.  They also have recreational programs that boost confidence and increase physical activity and cultural experiences that enrich the lives of the visually impaired.

Paulette Monthei is the Executive Director of Outlook Enrichment.  She chatted with Mike Hogan on “Live & Local” about the programs and their annual fundraiser “Vision Beyond Sight 2021” which happens on Friday, November 19th at the Embassy Suites in La Vista.  The funds raised during this event will help Outlook Enrichment continue to positively impact the lives of those with impaired or lost vision.

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