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62% of 8th Graders Not Proficient in Math/Science, Omaha STEM Ecosystem's Julie Sigmon Wants to Fix


Less than 46% of Nebraska’s 4th grade students are proficient in math, according to the U.S. Department of Education.  By 8th grade, proficiency drops to less than 38%, and similar is true in science.  This creates concern, as a healthy, vibrant community depends on a skilled and growing workforce.

Omaha STEM Ecosystem (OSE) is committed to transforming the region into a robust center of STEM excellence and innovation through its STEM Community Platform, a community effort launched in partnership with AIM Institute.  It’s an online hub for high-quality STEM resources, including programs, events, career exploration tools and now internships.  The STEM Community Platform will continue to grow into the future thanks to growing partnerships throughout Nebraska.

Omaha STEM Ecosystem Director, Julie Sigmon, chatted with Mike Hogan on KIOS-FM’s “Live & Local” about the STEM Community Platform and other programs helping kids to get the STEM education that will help them have successful careers later in life.

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