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Refugee Empowerment Center's Cailan Franz Explains on KIOS-FM How They Are Helping & How You Can Too

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Cailan Franz is the Interim Director of Development & Communications for the Refugee Empowerment Center. They provide holistic and culturally effective refugee resettlement services that empower newcomers to thrive in their new lives. They support peace-seekers fleeing violence and persecution as they work towards achieving their American Dream. They also act as a catalyst in welcoming immigrants and refugees into Nebraska, and in so doing, create a stronger and more diverse community for all of us. To ensure newcomers not only survive, but maximize their potential and rekindle their joy.

Since October, The Refugee Empowerment Center has been welcoming over 30 Afghan refugees a week to our community. Cailan took some time to talk to Mike Hogan about the many needs the organization has to help our new neighbors start their lives out right. There is a list below and a link that expounds on that list. There are many ways folks can help, please feel free to click then pick one.

They need your help collecting the items below:

Twin mattresses

Queen mattresses

Twin platform bed frames (allows us to not need boxsprings)

Queen platform bed frames (allows us to not need boxsprings)

Bed in a bag, twin and queen size (comforter, sheets and pillow cases all in one) --> see our Amazon list

Laundry detergent (we only have enough for 5 families)

Can openers

Kitchen utensils

Mattress protectors (must be bed bug proof), twin and queen needed most

Medium/large rugs (this is where many Afghan families eat meals)

Brand new winter gloves (see Amazon list)

New sleeping pillows (we have enough for 1 family)

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