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1 Day Flash Fundraiser to Directly Help Ukrainian Refugees - Here’s How You Can Help!

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As the human crisis in Ukraine becomes worse, we all wonder what we can do to help the people suffering over there. Today the Notre Dame Sisters, based here in Nebraska, are holding a one day fund drive to help the refugees fleeing the war torn cities. Every single dollar raised during this “Flash Fundraiser” will go directly to the Notre Dame Sisters in Ukrainian border countries who are accepting, feeding, and housing the Ukrainian refugees as they cross the border. There is also a $3,000 match on the table. The first $3,000 raised will be matched by an anonymous donor. The website to donate today and make an impact is:

Sister Margaret Hickey, spoke with Mike Hogan on “Live & Local” about this one day effort to make an impact on the lives of these people who are literally running for their lives. She also spoke of the long history the Notre Dame Sisters have here helping European refugees during times of horrible conflict and their history in Nebraska helping those in need, in peril, and educating disadvantaged youth.

Again, today’s “Flash Fundraiser” link is

More information about the Notre Dame Sisters can be found at

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