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Jodi Semonell, Who Lost her Son to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Runs Across Nebraska to Raise Awareness of Silent Killer

The killer runs free to take lives again, as it has in the past and will in the future. The only way to stop this killer is to spend as little as $13.97 for a carbon monoxide detector. $13.97 to save lives.

Jodi Semonell lost her son, Cole Oban, his friend, Thomas Coleman, his friend’s father, and their family dog to carbon monoxide poisoning in the middle of the day a year ago. There was no working carbon monoxide detector in the house and now they are all gone. And the “killer” still runs free.

Now Jodi is running. Running across the entire state of Nebraska to stop this killer. To draw attention to this issue so no other family has to suffer this pain and loss that can easily be fought. It just takes $13.97 and twice a year battery changes to insure that your home and family are protected from this silent killer. So, Jodi is running from Wyoming all the way to the Iowa border to cover Nebraska with a warning…Make sure your family is safe.

Jodi is also running to remember her son. To build a memorial to both boys, who so loved to skateboard. She is running to raise money to build a skate park on a now dead tennis court in Timber Creek Park. From the tragedy that has happened, Jodi runs toward the future trying to make something positive out of the ashes of sadness.

Jodi was kind enough to take a few moments while running across Nebraska to tell the story to Mike Hogan on KIOS-91.5 FM’s “Live & Local.” It’s pretty simple now, Jodi runs, people contribute, and a skate park in the memory of these two young, best friends gets built.

If you would like more information on the skate park, the fundraiser, or to just follow the fundraising activity, the websites are:


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