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Jazz in the Afternoon Celebrates 40 Years


Jazz in the Afternoon is celebrating it's 40th anniversary all year in 2021 on KIOS. Our focus on some of the notable jazz recordings from 1981 continues on Friday this week with music from the Oscar Peterson's "Nigerian Marketplace". 

Jazz in the Afternoon was launched by the late Adrianne Pressley in 1981. She was also the co-host of the weekly program Love Notes with Preston Love. Adrienne's love of jazz ran deep and she shared her knowledge with students enrolled in the radio broadcast program at Technical High School, many of whom were given the opportunity to sit in as guest hosts on Jazz in the Afternoon.

Mike Jacobs and Chris Cooke both graduated from Technical High School in 1984, and continue to keep jazz burning bright at KIOS in the old Tech High building at 32nd and Burt Street.

Jazz in the Afternoon airs from 1:00-3:00 Tuesday-Friday on KIOS.