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American Landscape opens at the Joslyn Art Museum

Joe Deal, Missouri Plateau, 2005
Joe Deal, Missouri Plateau, 2005

By Cheril Lee

Omaha, NE – American Landscape: Contemporary Photographs of the West opened at the Joslyn Art Museum last week.

The Joslyn's Chief Curator Toby Jurovics says the exhibit features the work of 14 contemporary American photographers. He says the photographs in the exhibition illustrate a shift in how artists began to see the American landscape after 1975. Prior to that, landscapes had excluded the human presence.

Jurovics says the artists in the exhibit try to document a wider history of the west, "so looking at the history of 19th century exploration, the industrialization of the west that followed the railroad and mining explorations and the first settlers that came through in the mid-19th century. They also look at the influence of 20th century engineering works. And also bringing in the personal and human history into these spaces."

American Landscape is on view at the Joslyn through January 8th. Information on the exhibit is available online at