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Upcoming Missouri Valley History Conference to Explore Ways of Remembering and Being Remembered


Next week, the Missouri Valley History Conference, sponsored by UNO's Department of History, will observe its 60th year.  Dr. Martina Saltamacchia, Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Conference Coordinator, says it is the longest running professional history conference in the region.

Saltamacchia says a theme is picked for each conference that relates to the various periods of history, with this year’s being Remembering and Being Remembered: Monuments, Memorials and Legacies.

“So it focuses on memory, and in particular wants to encompass the multiple ways in which individuals and societies remember the past and strive to be remembered. And so the leading question that we aim to explore in these three days will be – does our present shape the way we remember and memorialize the past, or is it rather the memory of our past that influences our behavior today.”

Saltamacchia says there will be about 50 sessions over the three-day conference, some of which are sponsored by the Society for Military History, which has partnered with the conference since its inception. She says although there is a cost for attending, the opening and closing keynote speakers are free and open to the public.

The conference will be held at The Magnolia Hotel at 1615 Howard Street, March 2-4.  For more information, the website is  Once you are there, search for Missouri Valley Conference 2017.