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EverQuote's Free Safe-Driving App Reveals Drivers' Habits, Helps Families

EverQuote – the country’s largest insurance marketplace -- has recently released their analysis of drivers’ habits across the United States.  

They gathered the data from their free safe-driving app, EverDrive, which tracked roughly 150,000 people who drove millions of miles over the course of a year.

Ryan Ruffing, Director of Communications for EverQuote, says Nebraskans' driving habits rated an 83% overall – the 14th best in the country.  However, as far as phone use, Nebraskans rated only 1% better than the rest of the country -- with phone use recorded on 37% of all drives.

Besides phone use, the app checks speeding, braking, turning and acceleration habits.  Ruffing says they have talked with many families with teen drivers who have found the app to be particularly helpful.

“Because it kind of eliminates that awkward conversation where, you know, I don’t consider you a good driver, or I don’t know if we trust you behind the wheel by yourself yet. We don’t know if you are using your phone behind the wheel. And it’s a good way for both parties to kind of validate the driving abilities without having to have that awkward conversation. Just last week I talked with a family in Virginia -- they check it every single day. They’ve all really drastically improved their driving abilities, and, specifically, none of them are using their phone behind the wheel, which is really the goal I think."

Ruffing says with the EverDrive app, teens can compete against their friends’ scores. Drivers get a daily score as well as a summary at the end of a two-week driving period.

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