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Nebraska Incumbents Win Primary; State Record For Absentee Voting Shattered

The New York Times

Nebraska’s primary voters mostly steered clear of polling sites Tuesday while shattering the state record for absentee voting with nearly 400,000 mail-in ballots in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Republican President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic challenger Joe Biden sailed to easy victories in the election, the first in-person primary since a heavily criticized election in Wisconsin five weeks ago. So did Republican U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, who faced a GOP primary challenge because of his previous criticism of Trump. Sasse will face Democrat Chris Janicek, the winner of a nine-way primary. The three congressional races in Nebraska are set for the general election.  All three incumbents won yesterday's primary election.  Republican incumbent Congressman Jeff Fortenberry will face Democrat Kate Bolz in the First District, incumbent Republican Adrian Smith will take on Democrat Mark Elworth in the Third District and Republican incumbent Congressman Don Bacon will try to defeat Democratic challenger Kara Eastman in a Second District rematch from 2018.

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