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Ricketts Dismisses CDC Guidance While Public Health Admins Observe Covid Spike

Lincoln Journal Star

Public health officials have expressed growing concern about an increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Nebraska, primarily among residents who haven’t been vaccinated. Officials say they were worried about the slow-but-steady increase in infected people who end up hospitalized, putting pressure on COVID-19 treatment units. Nebraska reported 978 new cases in the week ending Thursday. That's a 42% increase over the previous week and exactly double the 489 new cases logged two weeks earlier. Most other states have seen larger increases, especially Southern states with lower vaccination rates. Nebraska’s growth rate ranks 41st nationally. Meanwhile, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is reacting to new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over new mask guidance for vaccinated people.  The governor issued a statement yesterday that the new guidance from the CDC that suggests that vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with high rates of infection goes against the public health goals that should guide the agency's decision making.  Ricketts says Nebraska will not be adopting the CDC's new mask guidance, and he added that schools should convene in person without mask or vaccine requirements.   


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