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Pillen Orders Guard To Storm-Ravaged Elkhorn; Eliminates Vacant Govt. Positions

Governor Jim Pillen has ordered the deployment of soldiers with the Nebraska National Guard to assist with security in neighborhoods impacted by severe weather over the weekend. Douglas County officials have requested personnel from the National Guard who can assist in the deterrence of looting and with the management of heavy vehicle traffic around neighborhoods where homes have been damaged and destroyed. Pursuant to that request, Gov. Pillen has ordered the deployment of soldiers to support law enforcement in Elkhorn. Two dozen soldiers will deploy as soon as today.
Meanwhile, Governor Pillen is cutting nearly one-thousand government positions. Pillen signed an executive order yesterday that eliminates government jobs that have been vacant for more than 90 days except for critical public safety positions. Officials expect that eliminating the unfilled jobs will save the state more than 39-million-dollars.