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Iowa DOT 511 Mobile App Now Available


The Iowa Department of Transportation recently released a 511 traveler information app for both the iPhone and the Android. 

Sinclair Stolle, 511 Traveler Information Engineer, says the Iowa 511 app reports information on interstates, U.S. Routes and state highways. 

She says right now motorists can view traffic speeds from the DOT in the metro areas around the state, look at electronic roadway signs, and see still images from the DOT’s traffic cameras.  Stolle says currently traffic images are only available from six metro areas but will soon be statewide.

"The roadway weather stations that we have alongside our interstates.  We will be adding images from those cameras sometime in the near future.  And those will be covering more rural areas and will add to people’s information that they will be able to get.”

Stolle says the Iowa DOT will be adding winter road conditions to the app.  She also reminds people to check their phones before driving in their cars or have a passenger check for you.